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In any building construction, the critical area subject to failure as a result of fire is ?

Point of connection


Fires in traditional pd built of ordinary/wood frame construction early collapse is not a primary consideration. The amount of time before collapse occurs is generally estimated to be ?

Estimated to be an hour.


Traditional construction collapse estimated to be an hour. When there is no ceiling to provide protection therefore exposing structural components failure can occur w/i __?

within 20 minutes


In PD constructed with LW material when fire extends from buildings content to its structural components collapse may occur within __ to __ minutes?

5 to 10 minutes. Can occur suddenly & with little or no warning signs.


Area's unsupported by columns with spans greater than __' are generally an indication that LW construction is present?




Is an enclosed area between floors & ceiling where open truss construction is found.


LW wood truss roofs may be flat or peaked. The most common type of peaked roof found in LW construction?

Open web LW wood truss.


Fire stopping installed above the ceiling is limited, resulting in an open space which could encompass entire area of bld, NYC bld code requires spaces between the ceiling & floor above or ceiling & roof be divided into approx equal areas of __sq ft or less?

500sq ft or less -- unless bld is equipped with auto sprinkler.


Gusset plates or gang nails penetrate __ to __ inches?

1/4" to 1/2"


Laminated wood i-beams in some cases may span lengths of over __' ?

Over 60'


A heavy fire & smoke condition on a floor or in the cellar accompanied by little or no smoke condition on the floor or floors above may be indication of a ?

Concrete or gypsum floor poured over corrugated steel(q-decking )supported by c-joists.


Unless the fire is minor or confined to a small area, the primary emphasis for a fire in a LW bld under construction is

Exterior attack.


The presence of smoke pushing at the floor line on the outside of a building may be an indication of a fire in a ?



IC shall special call an __ for structural in bld with LW materials?

Engine co


PD LW - the nozzle FF should use the __ method due to potential of fire & heat weakening the floor system & causing a collapse?

Leg forward


When can a roof be cut?

No circumstances.


Fire on top floor - no indication that fire has entered cockloft , roof ops limited to?

1. Chk rear & sides of bld
2. Venting top floor windows/skylights
3. Inspecting hvac ducts for unusual heat
***all members removed upon completion of these duties


Top floor fire & there is indication it has extended to the attic/ cockloft, IC immediately notified & ?

Members NOT permitted on the roof


Before proceeding to floor above, members should determine?

1. Location/extent of fire
2. Presence of life hazard(known-suspected)
3. Position & progress of 1st/2nd hoseline


The best time to gather info on the specific type of support systems in LW buildings is ?

During the construction phase.


What is always the primary consideration in buildings constructed with lightweight materials



T or f. When lightweight construction is suspected an immediate examination of the ceiling voids shall be conducted as soon as conditions permit