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Major weakness from firefighting & fire protection standpoint ?

Open & unenclosed stairway


Primary consideration in the placement of the first hose line for access to a fire in the cellar when an interior attk is ordered is via ? (NEW)

The entrance door that provides the quickest access to the fire area


During the initial size up at apparent first floor & or second floor fires, members should ensure __ before committing first line ?

They check to determine that the fire did not start on a lower floor or in the cellar


Most fires in Pd originate ?

In the cellar


When entering the 1st floor main entrance above a cellar fire, a TIC showing heat waves emanating across the 1st floor ceiling indicates ?

Cellar door is open. *also, smoke showing significant force & speed under pressure will indicate that the interior cellar door is open.


IC (Chief or Co Officer) consider ordering an exterior HL operated into a cellar window to allow for a quick knockdown when there will be a delay applying water from interior or conditions dictate. Some examples ?



What is the least desirable of secondary entrances for cellar fires. ?

Bilco doors. Shall not be used for HL placement unless no other option


The following would preclude the descent of the first hoseline down the interior cellar stairs ?

High heat at TOP of stairs.
Initial size-up indicates serious fire condition.
Questionable stability of the stairs.
*no mention of immediate avail of 2nd hose line anymore (NEW )


Paramount concern in making decision to advance down the interior cellar stairs ?

Safety of members


Building fully involved. Backstretch drop two lines. Consider ?

2 1/2" line. Also consider for Wind impacted or heavily involved first floor fire in larger style PD (Queen Anne). Consider for exposure protection