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Possible indications of attic occupancy may be?

Attic with a dormer, adequate height (approx 7' in the attic), a/c at attic level, windows of fair size & normal appearance with curtains/drapes


Platform construction __ fire extension?

Limits extention


Balloon frame lacks fire stopping allowing for ?

Rapid extension


When there are only one or two offset windows(not in line w/other windows) on exp 2 or 4, this indicates ?

These are windows at top and/or bottom of the second floor staircase.


Lack of windows on the side of a PD combined with a secondary entrance on that side of the house w/a stoop is indicative of ?

A possible 2nd floor apt w/the only entrance on the side of the house. ***these offset windows that should not be entered for VEIS***


Members shall not use porch & garage roofs constructed of aluminum or similar LW materials but can use porches/garage roofs of ?

Wood frame construction may provide suitable platform which to work