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Dept mechanic says Unit OOS - notify ?

BC/DC, Dispatcher. If not I/S w/i 2 hours BC/DC. When back i/s BC/DC/Dispatcher


Fr Hayes tells Lt Annette that the units electronic siren is OOS. The officer notifies BC/DC. Then tells Hayes that unit is inservice - why ?

Emergency lights with another operating audible device, such as air horn the unit will remain i/s. **NO lights unit OOS. NO audible - air horn or electronic siren OOS.


L-37 is out of quarters. The cross links of snow chains break or become loose. Officer shall have apparatus stop immediately & have the condition corrected except ?

Responding to fires or emergencies.


From 2013 BC test: when a fast pak is placed OOS - get spare from ?

Battalion depot


When civilian alleges that dept is responsible for an accident - the civilian should be informed they may follow claim by calling ?

Comptroller's office. Officer journal entry.


When can male FF enter female FF bathroom ?

Cleaning & maintenance only


Visitors shall not remain in quarters after __ hours ?

After 2200 hours.


When officer is unsure as to whether any material is discriminatory or obscene or violative of dept policy & regs - officers promptly consult ?

EEO office


A covering LT wants to park his new car in quarters - who must he receive permission from ?

Privately owned vehicles/autos not stored in quarters unless approved by Fire Commisioner


Visits by schools: supervision 3rd/4th grade ? 5th & up? Below 3rd?

3rd/4th - 15 to 1. 5th & up 30 to 1. Below 3rd 4 to 1. Hours 0900-1700,no more then 1 hour.


T or f Each hydrant shall be inspected at least twice a year



T or f Off on duty shall supervise the checking of the water level in all boilers immediately after roll calls at 0900 and 1800

False. In all steam boilers
Ps the water column must be kept at 3/4 of the glass gauge


When does co commanders inspect the apparatus entrance doors