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It takes roughly _____ half-lives for a drug to be eliminated.

four to five


Clearance (Cl) is equal to ____x ____.

Vd; Ke


The rearranged formula for first-order kinetics is ________.

ln (Cp) = - Ke (t) + ln (Cpo)


Which method of drug interaction is faster, induction or inhibition?

Inhibition (because it directly binds to the enzyme)


Drugs that depend strongly on hepatic clearance can be affected by three things. What are they?

Blood flow to the liver, intrinsic hepatic activity (such as enzyme function in the presence of inducers or inhibitors), and amount of protein bound to the drug.


What is the equation for fold-fluctuations?

2^n (where n equals the amount of half-lives in the dosing interval)


Loading Dose (LD) = _______.

Desired Cpo (Cpo) x Volume of Distribution (Vd)

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