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BI Enforcement Procedures- The 5 means available to Company personnel to report violations:??

1:NOV. 2:VO. 3:Summons. 4:Vacate order. 5:SpecialRecommendation Report,Letterhead L-1


Inspections in US Gov't and NY State facilities, FD inspectors can issue________??



When issuing an NOV to a city agency, which copies are left at the premises??

Do not leave copies of the NOV at the premises. Forward all parts,Except Pink(Fire Dept issuing unit copy) to FPEU


T/F - A summons shall not be issued to a city agency??

T........Exceptions. 1.principal or custodian of P.S. for locked exit. 2.N.Y.C. Housing Auth. Manager or supt. for standpipe os sprinkler shut-down without prior F.D. Notification.
3.when directed by Bureau of F.P.