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What were some of the white cultural patterns that the Cherokees adopted in the 1820s

New crops and farming techniques, slave plantations, they built saw mills, gristmills, and blacksmith shops


Problem with the Cherokee land

Gold was found in Georgia, a major area for settlement for the Cherokee nation


The Indian removal act

The US congress gave the president power to negotiate treaties with the natives that would relocate them to the west


Cherokee nation vs Georgia (1831)

The Cherokee sued Georgia to keep their land, but Marshall(Chief Justice) did not have original jurisdiction over the case because the Cherokee were a dependent nation, not a state


Worcester vs Georgia

Began when Georgia passed a law that prohibited white people from living with the Cherokee without permission frog be state. Worcester was arrested for breaking this law and the Cherokee helped him appeal a sentence of 4 years for hard labor.


Marshals decision in Worcester vs Georgia

Georgia could not impose its laws upon the Cherokee tribal lands, only the US could make those laws.• so, Georgia laws did not apply to the Cherokee


Who is in charge of the natives

US government


Jacksons response to Worcester vs Georgia

He will ignore marshals decision and do what he wanted


What 3 things did the treaty of new echota say(1835)

• signed by a group of Cherokees who didn't represent the Cherokee nation.• agreed to give all Cherokee tribal land in Georgia and Alabama in return for $5 million.• some Cherokees refused to leave, so in 1838, van buren sent his troups with general Winfield Scott and forced the Cherokees to leave


Trail of tears

• 16,000 Cherokees were forced to march in the fall and winter on a long journey to the west. They didn't have adequate food and clothing for the cold winter. 1/4 of all the Cherokee died on this trip


Which two Cherokees stayed and fought for their land, while the rest of the Cherokees were moving west

Osceola and Tsali


Who was Tsali

After fleeing from US forces, killing one of them, Tsali was offered a chance to turn himself in allowing other Cherokee to remain in North Carolina. He did this and was shot by the US


Who was Osceola

A Seminole Indian from Florida; Osceola led his tribe in surprise attacks against the US army. He was eventually tricked into capture and later died in prison. However the Seminole continued to fight


Black hawk war

Abraham Lincoln was in this; native Americans in the north rebelled leading to the black hawk war, which was led by chief black hawk. Those natives who fought were crushed by the US army


What were some of the things the Cherokee devolved

Written language, newspapers, constitution similar to the US establishing the Cherokee nation, alphabet