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Significance of uncle tons cabin

She wrote a novel based on stories she heard from the south, even though she never visited it. Her novel will go s long way to slit the nation even further concerning the slave question


What new political party did the Kansas Nebraska act cause to emerge

Republican Party. Whig party fell apart


In the 1856 election who was running for the Republican Party

John c Fremont
Opposed slavery and supported the union


In the 1856 election who was running for the democrat party

Remained neutral
Supported union


In the 1856 election who was running for the know nothing party

Millard Fillmore
President from 1850-53 after Taylor died in office. Party was divided over slavery and not very strong


Who won the 1856 election and why

He won mainly because the Republican Party only had support in the north. The Republican Party will gain power in the future. This election proved that slavery was a major issue


When was Dred Scott vs Stanford



Dred Scott vs Stanford: who was dred Scott and Taney

Dred Scott: a slave who lived with his master in Missouri
Taney: Supreme Court justice of cheif


What happened in Dred Scott vs Stanford

Scotts master took him into a territory where slavery was illegal. His owner brought him back to Missouri. When his owner died, Scott sued to gain his freedom, because he could not have been a slave in a territory where slavery was illegal


Taney's decision in Dred Scott vs Stanford

Scott was denied his freedom because he didn't have the right to sue because he was not a citizen, instead he was property. Taney also said that the government can't regulate slavery because it would violate slave owners rights to their property. This opens up all territories to slavery


Dred Scott vs Stanford caused what idea to be dead

Popular sovereignty


Lincoln Douglass debate

Stephen Douglass was a major figure in the democrat party. He created the Kansas Nebraska act, which helped to encourage the spread of slavery. Lincoln was chosen by the Republican Party to fight Douglass for his IS senate seat from Illinois


Lincoln Douglass debate:
Debate position

Douglass: popular sovereignty problem: after dred Scott, popular sovereignty became illegal
Lincoln: wanted to spread slavery


Significance of Lincoln Douglass debate

Douglass was reelected to the senate. Lincoln became a house hold name due to his ability to debate Douglass effectively


Brown and Harper's ferry date



What was John Browns plan in Brown and Harper's ferry

He had a plan to end slavery forever. He wanted to take a federal Arsenal(place that has weapons) at Harper's, ferry Virginia. He would use the weapons there to arm slaves and overthrow southern slave owners


What actually happened at Brown and Harper's ferry

Brown and 18 of his followers captured Harper's ferry killing 4 people. He sent word for selves to come and get weapons(none came). The US marines attacked brown and his men killing some and capturing brown


Brown and Harper's ferry result

Brown was tried for murder and treason. On his hanging day, northerners tolled bells and fired guns to salute him. Brown was considered a martyr. South was outraged at the sympathy brown received


Define martyr

Kill someone because of their beliefs


Author of uncle toms cabin and what is it about

Harriet Beecher Stowe
The horrors of slavery in the south