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What 2 forts did grant capture

Forts in the Tennessee and Cumberland river


Fort Henry

Located in the Tennessee River and was surrendered by the confederacy when they hear about being attacked


Fort Donelson

Located on Cumberland River. 2 generals quit in fear of becoming captured. The third surrendered unconditionally.


When was the battle of Shiloh

10 days before Antietam
April 6-7 1862



Was given control of the Union army: focused on training and drilling men for battle. Lincoln became impatient because he wanted results


Battle of Shiloh

Shiloh, Tennessee
Grant vs Johnston
Johnston wanted to attack grant after his big wins at the 2 forts. Johnston caught grant off guard and in a bad position. Grant and his men were backed against the Tennessee River. 42,000 union vs 40,000 confederate. Grant and his men were able to stop the confederate charge after an all day battle. Grant received more reinforcements causing confederates to retreat.


Results of battle of Shiloh

Grant was able to keep the ground he already won, people underestimated what the war would be like


Battle of New Orleans

April 25,1862 Farragut(union)
Farragut led the union up the mouth of the Mississippi to New Orleans. He faced heavy guns from 2 first blocking the river. Confederate put heavy chains in the river and fire boats


Results of battle of New Orleans

Farragut was able to get past the obstacles and capture New Orleans. There were few troops in New Orleans because most were at battle of Shiloh. The union now had control of the souths most important port and control of the lower part of the Mississippi


When and where was the battle of Vicksburg

Ended July 4, 1863 and began 7 weeks earlier. Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi


Battle of Vicksburg

Grant tried roughly 10 times to attack Vicksburg it was heavily guarded fort surrounded in front by a swamp. eventually Grant is able to surround the fort and lay siege to it for seven weeks. The Confederates were forced to meet mules, dogs, and rats after their supplies ran out. They surrendered to grant on July 4, 1863


Significance of the battle of Vicksburg

•union now controlled the Mississippi River•along with the battle of Gettysburg, the union was now in control of the war. They were winning again.• grant will gain control over all union armies