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Massachusetts 54th

Free blacks who became one of the first all black regiments to fight in the civil war. They overcame racism and the unwillingness to allow blacks to fight in actual battles to play a major attack on fort Wagner. Half of all men in this regiment were killed or wounded in this attack.


If blacks were caught in the south as union soldiers, what did the risk

Becoming a slave



Confederacy lost 40% of their men by the end of 1863. Both sides would institute a draft(conscription)


Southern conscription

Drafted ages 18-45 and eventually up to 65. To get out of draft, you owned more then 20 slaves or you could hire a substitute to go in your place


Northern conscription

They had draft riots. To get out of the draft, you could hire a substitute. Union offered $300 to men who join the army. The northern filled most of its ranks with volunteers because of the bounty


Opposition to war

People from both sides who opposed the war



Northern democrats who opposed the war. Lincoln would throw them in jail and keep them there. He suspended the writ of habeas corpus(said u could see a judge)


Major result of the copperheads

Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus( said u could see a judge)



The value of money falls while the price of goods increase


Inflammation in the south

Inflammation rose 9,000%
It usually costs $6.65 a month for food in 1861. By 1863, it was $68 a month


Prison camps

Terrible place in the north and south. In one northern camp, 24% died of disease or exposure. In southern camps, for example Andersonville, Ga, 100 men died a day from disease or exposure. They had contaminated water there


Military doctors

The battlefields were usually riddled with bodies following a battle. The first people on the scene were doctors who weren't really doctors. Most doctors never attended medical school, but they learned along the way.


Role of women

Women became main source of income for the family. They had to raise the children, provide financial support, and take care of the family business. In the south, this included planting and harvesting crops


What did Clara Barton help begin

Red Cross


Clara Barton

Hero on the battlefield cause of the comfort she gave injured soldiers. She helped coordinate the delivery of medical supplies to the front and she worked to assist doctors on the battlefield. Later helped begin the Red Cross


Minie ball

Increased casualties and made the civil war more bloody



As slaves were captured or ran away from their plantations, they were placed under the control of the Union army. The army called them contraband because they were seen as property. Eventually the army will allow these former slaves to fight for the union cause