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Who made freedmans bureau



What was the job of freedmans bureau

Provide social services for blacks


Freedmans bureau

Federal agency that set up schools and hospitals for backs and distributed clothing, food, and fuel throughout the south. Blacks had no way to support them self and they relied on their masters to provide the basic essential of life


Black codes are written laws



Black codes

Limited freedom of former slaves•you had to have proof of work or they put you to work on a plantation. Southerners refused to let black meet in larger groups or carry guns•many thought these codes put blacks back into legal slavey


40 acres and mule

Sherman divided abandoned southern land into 40 acre lots and this land would be given to freedman to own and farm. Most freeman received no land and those that did had to give it back to the owners. Freedman had to rely on their former masters for land and their economic future


What amendment does 40 acres and make violate

5th ammendment


Contract system

In order to make money, freedman returned to the farms they used to work for for free and began to work them for money. They with the help of freedmans bureau would create a contract that promised money for the job they did on the farm. Many freedman were cheated out of their wages and were not able to leave the farm without permission for fear of being punished for breaking their contract



System where workers rent land from large land owners and the land owner provides tools, seeds, and housing.
In return the worker gave the land owner a share of the crop. Land owner wanted to grow cash crops to make money while workers wanted to grow food for their family. In order to feed their family, sharecroppers had to purchase goods from a local store and it was usually on credit. Most sharecroppers went into debt in order to survive. They would have to use the crops produced that year to pay of their debts from last year


What did south rely heavily on and what did this make the south

Relied heavily of imported food. Made south and extremely poor area



Created in 1866 by white southern planters who wanted to restore the Democratic Party in the south. Wanted to scare blacks away from the polls and political power.



The klansman would wear hoods to cover their identity and capture blacks. They would then kill them on the spot for a crime they supposedly committed


13th amendment

July 31,1865
Ended slavery


Why did some dislike the contract system

Similar to slavery with pay