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Fugitive slave act(4)

•people could be arrested without a warrens.• judge decided fate for each person. $5 for releasing a person.$10 for retiring the slave.• slaves didn't have the right to trial by jury• if u didn't return slaves, you faced fines. If u helped a slave run away, you faved jail time


Results of fugitive slave act

Southerners liked the law because it made it easier to get their property back. North despised Slavs hunters and their presence in the north


Stephen Douglas and the Kansas Nebraska act

Proposed a bill that would replace the Missouri compromise. He called for popular sovereignty to determine if slavery would be allowed in the new territories of Kansas and Nebraska


What did Stephen Douglass want

Build a transcontinental railroad


Problems with Kansas Nebraska act(3)

•if this bill is passed, then it would mean the end of the Missouri compromise• it would mean that slavery would be allowed in territories that were once free•the Kansas Nebraska act passed in 1854 and brings bloodshed to the area


What year was the Kansas Nebraska act



Where was the proslavery and antislavey government in Kansas

Proslavery: lacompton
Antislavey: Lawrence


1855 election

Established a legislative in Kansas. It would determine if the territories allowed slaves or not. People flooded Kansas and there were more proslavery then antislavey supporters. To make slavery be allowed, 5000 proslavery supporters from Missouri voted in this election illegally


To make slavery be allowed, what did 5,000 proslavery supporters do

Voters from Missouri voted in the election illegally


Lawrence Kansas

Upset that the election was rigged, the antislavey supporters created their own government in Lawrence. A proslavery group attacked the town of Lawrence and destroyed offices and houses of elected officials


John brown

An extreme abolitionist who was angry over the attack on Lawrence, so in retaliation, he led a group of men who attacked proslavery neighbors, killing 7. Browns attack sent Kansas into a civil war for the next 3 years


What sent Kansas into a civil war

Brown attacking proslavery neighbors



Spoke out against proslavery faction in Kansas, and insulted people like brooks



In retaliation for sumner insulting brooks, brooks hit sumner over 30 times with a cane breaking it over sumner


After brooks attacked sumner, how were brooks and sumner seen from the north and south

Brooks: hero in south
Sumner: hero in north


After sumner and brooks, the north adopted what rally cry

Bleeding Kansas and bleeding sumner


What was the fugitive Slave act promised in

Compromise of 1850


What did the fugitive slave law act force northerners to do

Protect slavery