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Impeachment of Johnson

House accused Johnson of breaking the tenure of office act and he was then impeached and put on trial. He was acquitted by one vote. He was technically let of because he didn't nominate Stanton, lincoln did, and he was allowed to fire statnton


Election of 1868

The Republican Party is still going strong and grant is able to win through the use of freedman votes in the election. Once he is in office, his presidency is marked by corruption causing the Republican Party to weaken over time


15th amendment

In order to make sure blacks could continue to vote in the south and be able to vote in other states as well, the radical republicans created the 15th amendment. It said that u can be denied your vote based on your race, color, or previous conditions of servitude.
This made sure all black men could vote in the future


Hiram rhodes revel

First black US senator


Poll tax

Southerners charged a tax in order to vote. The tax was usually very high and kept many poor whites and blacks from voting.


Literacy test

In order to vote, southerners had to pass a literacy test to prove they could read. White southerners determined if the test was passed or not


What did grant do to stop the kkk

1. Military
2. Took away consitutional rights of KKK


Compromise of 1877

In order to keep the presidency, republicans created a compromise with the democrats in congress. •all federal troops were removed from the south•federal government would help the south build railroads to connect the south to the west coast•federal government would provide funds for improvement projects in south•Haynes would appoint a democrat to his cabinet•democrats would respect rights of blacks


Redeemer democrats

They were democrats elected after the compromise if 1877. This phrase meant that these office holders would return the south back to what it was


Tenure of office act

In 1867, congress passed a act that prohibited the president from firing government officials without senate approval. Johnson fired his secretary of war Stanton without permission