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Southerners and slavery

Needed slavery to survive. Social ranking


Southerners defense for slavery(3)

•enslavement was a natural and proper status for people of African descent.
•slavery was allowed by the bible and Christianity. • slavery was consistent with the humanitarian spirit of the 19th century. Slaves needed some kind of protective environment


Compromise of 1820

Settled slavery questions in the Louisiana territory


Wilmot proviso

David wilmot wanted to outlaw slavery in any territory acquired from war with Mexico. This will cause major problems in congress and the country. Southerners believed that congress could not keep them from taking their property(slaves) with them(5th amendment)


Results of the wimot proviso

Not passed but it lead to the creation of the free soil party


Free soil party

A political party dedicated to stopping the expansion of slavery. Slavery was now a major issue in the American politics


Why was a compromise of 1850 needed

New lands brought controversy to the US. California becomes an issue. The gold rush of 1819 brought thousands to California. President Zachary Taylor wanted California to enter the union


Who created the compromise of 1850

Henry Clay


What 5 things did the comprise of 1850 say

•Cali was to be admitted as a free state. • slave trade abolished in D.C.• congress allowed other territories to get to determine slavery issues themself(popular sovereignty). • stronger fugitive slave laws.• Texas gives up a remainder of its land in exchange for paying off its debts


Daniel Webster

Senator from Massachusetts who supported the compromise of 1850 and who was helpful in getting it passed. He thought it was the only way to keep the union together.


Stephen A. Douglass

Came up with the idea of popular sovereignty. In other words, people would decide if slavery would exist in the territories. This would help the compromise be passed


Results of the compromise of 1850

The union was saved for the first time being, but new problems would open up as a result of its passage


Northerners and slavery

Opposed slavery. Some feared it would hurt northern workers. They were afraid that since slaves worked for free, then they would have to eventually work for free as well