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What did Spain do with their land

Established 21 missions in California to control their territorial claims


What did Britain and Russia both claim

Northwest lands of California to Alaska


What 2 problems with New Orleans did the US have

1. Needed Mississippi River and New Orleans in order to trade
2. Spain closed New Orleans before it turned into the Louisiana territory over to France, which almost caused a war between US and Spain


Napoleon Bonaparte

New ruler of France. He reached an agreement with Spain to take over the Louisiana territory and New Orleans


Jefferson and New Orleans

Fearing a problem with New Orleans, Jefferson offered to purchase New Orleans from Napoleon. Napoleon asked if the US wanted the Lousiana territory as well


Problem with Jefferson and New Orleans

Jefferson believed in a strict interpretation of the constitution and the constitution doesn't talk about purchasing land. Jefferson thought that the land was extremely important and more important if it was legal or not


When was the Louisiana purchase

April 30, 1803


How much was the Louisiana purchase

$15 million went to France for this purchase. Equivalent to 3 cents per acre


Importance of Louisiana purchase

Doubled the size of the US


Why did the Lewis and Clark expedition start

Jefferson wanted to explore the new purchase. He put Lewis and Clark on an expedition to explore the Louisiana territory


What were they looking for in the Lewis and Clark expedition

To see if the Missouri ran to the pacific


Who helped Lewis and Clark a lot



Who was Sacagawea

17 year old wife of a trapper. Traveled with Lewis and Clark acting as an interpreter and securing supplied for her tribe


Significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition

After finding the Columbia River, Lewis and Clark found the pacific. Also they were able to map large part of the Louisiana territory and discovered that an all water route to the pacific did not exist.


In pikes expedition, what was he supposed to find

Southern part of the Louisiana territory and find the sources of the red river and Arkansas River


What mountain did pike see

He saw a mountain peek(later named pike's peek) but was unable to climb it


Problem of pikes expedition

1. Pike and his man eventually ran into the rio grande which is Spanish territory
2. He and his men were captured and later released in 1807


3 effects of exploration

Accurate maps: maps created of the territory were eventually used by travelers as they moved west

Growth of fur trade: exploration boosted interest in fur trades, especially as people moved west

Mistaken view of Great Plains: people believed that the Great Plains were a desert which they were not.
Many Americans believed the plains were useless, which they weren't


Who controlled the Louisiana Territory