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Spring 1863 Chancellorsville, Georgia
Lee vs hooker
Although very outnumbered, Lee is able to easily defeat hooker. Lee used Jackson to surprise hooker. This battle continues after dark and the confederates win again. Jackson was accidently shot by his own men and dies


Where did stonewall Jackson get shot by his own men on accident and die

Chancellorsville, Virginia


When, who, where, numbers for Gettysburg

When: July 1-3 1863
Who: Meade vs Lee
Where: Gettysburg, Pa
Numbers: union-90,000 confederate-75,000


What happened on day 1 of Gettysburg

Union and confederate troops ran into each other outside of Gettysburg and the battle is on. Union will eventually take up position on cemetery ridge and stop the confederate attack


Day 2 Gettysburg

Heavier fighting and loss of life. At the end of the day, nothing was gained or lossed except for men


Day 3 Gettysburg

Lee ordered picket to attack the union directly up the ridge. This was a bad decision cause union was dig into the ridge and was able to easily fend off picket. Picket started with 12,000-15,000 men when he made it back, confederate lines had 6,000. This was known as pickets charge


What 2 battles were turning points of the war

Gettysburg, Vicksburg


Results of Gettysburg

Considered turning point of war. Biggest and bloodiest battle of the civil war(50,000 casualties), Meade failed to chase down Lee and destroy the army. Lee and his men were in the run


What do Sherman do

Total war(destroy everything)



Appointed by grant to attack Atlanta and head to the Atlantic. Great would lead Lee into Virginia


Battle of Atlanta

September 1864
Atlanta had a major railroad system and supply system that the union wanted to control. Sherman overwhelmed confederates in Atlanta and got control of the city


Following Atlanta, what did Sherman do

Total war. His path reached 60 miles wide for more then 300 miles. He destroyed everything in his path


Results of Atlanta*******

Sherman intended to demoralize the south and force them to quit, Lincoln was able to use Sherman's win to get reelected in 1864


Battle of wilderness

May 1864
Near Chancellorsville, Va
First battle between Lee and grant. The battle was fought heavily in wooded areas. Due to the amount of gunfire, woods caught on fire during the war. Any soldier that was wounded was burned in the fire. Lee will retreat and grant will follow


Battle of Spotsylvania

Few days after wilderness and near wilderness.
Some of the heaviest fighting of the war occurred here. The fighting was so fierce that the minie balls cut a 22 inch in diameter oak tree down


Battle of cold harbor

Great and Lee will engage in another massive battle in Virginia. Grant will attack Lee in a massive frontal assault. In a matter of 8-20 minutes, grant lost 7,000 men. Grant will be able to force Lee to continue running while also gaming the name butcher.


Battle of Petersburg

June 1864 Petersburg, Virginia-south of Richmond
Last major battle between Lee and grant. Grant was unable to break through Richmond so he laid siege to Lee for 10 months. Lee will eventually retreat giving union control of Richmond


Longest siege in American history



Last battle of civil war



Appomattox court house

April 9 1865 Appo. Court house, va
Lee and grant agreed to meet here for Lee to surrender to grant. Lee was given generous terms for surrendering. His men were allowed to lay down their weapons and return home with all their possessions


Deaths in the civil war

1,000,000 people died in the civil war; twice as many to disease then battle wounds


Benefits of civil war

Union was preserved, slavery was destroyed, led to an industrial boom and growth in national power



Dec 1862 lee vs burnside; Fredericksburg, Va.
Lee and his men dug trenches and waited for burnside and his men to attack. But inside lost 12,600 men in this battle, which he and the union lost to Lee. Burnside is removed and replaced by hooker