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Labor reform

Sarah Bagley; founded the Lowell female labor reform association- made public the struggles of factory labels-worked for shorter working hours


Care of disabled

Thomas Gallaudet worked to improve the lives of the the hearing impaired-founded the first free school for students with hearing impairments


Dorothea Dix

Cared for the mentally ill


What was the temperance movement and what problems did it hope to solve

Organized effort to end alcohol abuse and the problems it created, such as mistreatment of women and children by husbands and fathers who drank too much


Who was Dorothea Dix and what did she achieve

Worked to improve the conditions for prisoners and mentally ill and helped create many mental hospitals


How did abolitionists try to end slavery

Used methods such as publishing books, newspapers and pamphlets; holding rallies; and helping enslaved people escape. Former slaves shared their experience and a colony for free African American slaves was started in Liberia. Politicians spoke out against slavery in congress


How did supporters of slavery fight abolition

Used violence, claimed that slaves were better off then northern factory workers, passed gag rule in congress that prevented the discussion of antislavey petitions


How did the reliance of cotton in the north and the south keep slavery alive

The free labor from the slavery helped both regions make money from cotton


How did the women's suffrage movements begin

When women became involved in reform movements, limits on their participation led some women to feel that they needed to work for equal rights for themself, including the right to vote


How did American literature and art have an impact on American life

American artists and writers began to celebrate and express American places and ideas. This encouraged pride in the new nation


How was new literature uniquely American

It expresses American ideas and values and celebrated what was important to Americans


How did new literature celebrate American culture and society

Authors and poets of this period set their works in the American last or dealt with Americans issues. They also celebrated the American and showed what their lives were like


How did Emerson and Thoreau encourage individualism

Emerson wanted people to be guided by their inner light. Thoreau believed individuals Shiism judge right and wrong for themself


How are trancendentalism and individualism related

Trancendentalism is based in emotions, which are experienced by individual humans, so the experiences, thoughts, and feeling of the individual are very important


How could trancendentalism have led people to work for reforms

It celebrated the value of each soul as a part of nature and highlighted the fact that people have a common humanity and responsibility for one another