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Battle of Lake Erie

British are fighting they French. Perry was able to defeat the British navy at Lake Erie. This victory gave the US control of lake and allowed the size to remove the British from the NW


Who was able to defeat the British navy at Lake Erie

Oliver hazard perry(commodore perry)


Phase 2 of the war of 1812

The British easily defeated American troops at Brandenburg(5 miles from DC)

With British approaching, troops abandon DC


Once the British entered DC what did they do

Began burning government buildings
Capitol building, White House, federal treasury


Why did the British burn down government offices in DC

They wanted to make the Americans lose confidence


While the Britain burned DC, what did they raise over the Capitol

Britain raised the British flag to fly over the US Capitol. This would be the first and only time a foreign country has captured the US Capitol


What was the war of 1812 also called

Mr Madison's war


What did the British do when they entered the White House

Ate the food Madison's wife made for 40 people, then burned the White House


After burning DC where did the British go next to destroy the ships that had been stacking British shipping



In order to keep the British from entering the harbor in Baltimore what did the citizens of Baltimore do

Sunk their ships to keep the British out


Prior to the battle of ft Mchenry what did the commander of the fort ask to be made

Huge flag that is so large that the British will have no problem seeing it


How long did the British bomb fort Mchenry

25 hours


After 25 hours of bombing, the smoke cleared and what was still standing at fort Mchenry

US flag


At the battle of fort Mchenry who described what they saw

Francis Scott key


What did key write

Star spangled banner


When did the battle of New Orleans occur

2 weeks after the war of 1812 was over


Due to slow deliver of mail, who didn't hear that the war of 1812 was over and fought at the battle of New Orleans

British soldiers and Andrew Jackson fought since they didn't know the war was over.


When was the battle of New Orleans and how many people died for the Americans and British

January 8,1815
US lost 71 men
Britain lost 2,000 men


Where was the treaty of Ghent signed

Ghent Belgium


What did the treaty of Ghent say (effects of the war of 1812)

1. Jackson and perry increased Americans patriotism
2. The British no longer supported the natives
3. Due to the inability to trade, the US was forced to develop manufacturing


After the war of 1812, due to the inability to trade, what was stage US forced to develop



The war of 1812 was like the

American Revolution part 2