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What almost caused the US to declare war on Britain

Attacks on American shipping


3 parts to the embargo act of 1807

1. American ships couldn't sail to foreign ports. Closed American ports to British
2. Hurt the Americans more then Britain and France
3. Farmers and manufactures could no longer send their goods and they were becoming bankrupt


American reaction to the embargo act of 1807

Americans hated it because they couldn't sell their goods and were becoming bankrupt



Treys to keep the native lands from falling into the hands of settlers. He thought the only way to make that happen was to unite the tribes


Battle of tippecanoe

Harrison(future president) signed a treaty with several tribes securing 3 million acres of land. When T called on the Indians to not support the treaty and fight for their land, Harrison defeated them at the battle of tippecanoe


Result of the battle of tippecanoe

Tecumseh fled to Canada and became allies with Britain. This made many Americans angry


What was the treaty that Harrison signed from the Indians, seceding 3 million acres to the US

Treaty of Fort Wayne


War Hawks

People who called for war against britain( Henry clay)


3 causes of the war of 1812(war against Britain)

1. British were supporting the Native American rebellion in the NW

2. British were impressing American citizens

3. British were interfering with American shipping


What 3 men encouraged the American public to go to war with Britain

Andrew Jackson, John C. Calhoun, Henry clay


Who encouraged the US to declare war on Britain

Jackson and the war Hawks


When did the US declare war in Britain

June 18, 1812


What did England begin to do to American soldiers

Impress them