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When approaching a nursing home, hospital, etc. The officer will be _______ and _______ in the use of audible warning devices.

Reasonable and prudent


When the visibility of the cross street is limited to less then ___' in either direction, the emergency vehicle shall slow to a maximum of __ MPH or stop if necessary.

400 feet

20 mph


An emergency vehicle must stop for school buses when?

When lights are flashing
On the same road as the bus not separated by a median.


Turn signals will be used ___'continuously before lane changes or turns during emergencies and non-emergencies.

100 feet


If for any reason you cannot find a driver for your apparatus, who should you contact?

Battalion headquarters


When a member is qualified to drive, the driver certification form will be forwarded to training, safety and EMS division. One copy shall be filed in the stations administrative ______ ______ book.

House policy

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