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You should immediately notify dispatch of all accidents involving Portland fire and rescue, when what three things happen?

1. Bodily injury to a civilian or member
2. Apparatus is unable to respond
3. Damage to any private vehicle or property


Who should you notify for follow-up and investigation of all accidents?

Battalion chief


When using the camera kit to document damage, include photos of what things?

1. Damage close-up
2. License plates
3. Full scene
4. Others involved


If you need to proceed to the emergency after impacting something, What should you do?

Leave a firefighter at the scene


Who shall determine estimates of damage to Portland fire and rescue vehicles and approve request for tows?

PF&R auto shop


When the officer returns to quarters following an accident, you need to fill out a report of automobile accident or loss, where do you find this form?

Personnel system


Who automatically receives a copy of your accident form?

Chief safety officer


What are the three steps an officer has to do following an accident when he gets back to quarters?

1. Fill out an accident form
2. Fill out repair request
3. Forward camera to risk management


The driver: if the accident involves any fatality, injury or more then $_____ damage to the property of any one person, complete the oregon traffic accident and insurance report. This must be filed within __ hours of the accident?


72 hours


If you have an accident involving an animal what four things should you do?

1. Stop and give aid
2. Remove the dead or injured animal
3. Leave name, address and vehicle registration number with owner
4. Report injury and location to dispatch


Who should you report an accident with large game to?



What two members are on the fleet accident review board (FARB)?

Driving instructor
Chief safety officer


Upon notification of an accident, dispatch will send what three people to your site?

Battalion chief


If there is a fatality or serious injury following an accident, who will be dispatched?

1. Chief of the bureau
2.EOPS Division Chief
5. Bureau of Risk Management
6. Chief Safety officer

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