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Emergency request for apparatus or building maintenance shall be called into ______ ______ during normal business hours.

Logistics section


Emergency apparatus or building repairs after normal working hours will be coordinated through:



If you have firefighting equipment that breaks down after normal business hours, arrange with C103 for replacement and notify who the next working business day?

Auto shop


Emergency building maintenance repair requests are for those conditions which would create what 3 things:

1. Sanitation or health hazard
2. Safety hazard
3. Cause secondary damage to PF&R property


Having what four pieces of information available will speed up the completion of repair requests?

1. Manufactures name
2. Type of application
3. Model number
4. Failed part identification


How long does a station captain have two submit work order requests after receiving written report of formal inspection?

72 hours


Petty cash is limited to $___.



Local purchase orders that are issued in advance by logistics can be up to what amount of money?

up to $5000


Purchases above $____ will be executed by logistics.

above $5000

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