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Standard for fire service respiratory protection training is NFPA ____.



Air pressure upon initial entry in an IDLH shall be ____ psig or greater.

4050 psig or greater


Members should inform their team win their heads up display (HUD) indicates what?

Change in cylinder pressure


Crew members shall give an automatic status report to the team leader when the first member of the crew/team reaches an air pressure of ____ psi.

2000 psi


If a low air alarm activates in the IDLH, it calls for an immediate radio transmission to command specifying what three things?

1. Who you are
2. Where you are
3. What your status is


If the low air alarm is activated, Command shall confirm with the appropriate RIT leader that they had received what three pieces of information?

Message of status
Possible location
Egress path


The RIT leader shall track a members remaining time in the IDLH and notify command if the member has not exited the structure within how much time?

Within one minute of low air Notification.


In situations of low visibility, and with crews of three or more members, the members in low air alarm should be moved to what position?

Second position


What is 5 automatic criteria for calling "Mayday."

1. Disoriented member in low air alarm
2. SCBA failure
3. Member trapped and unable to free themselves within one minute.
4. Finding a firefighter in distress.
5. Command might call mayday "emergency traffic" anytime they believe firefighters are in distress.

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