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Chapter __ of the Oregon structural safety code sets the criteria on what kinds of businesses or buildings are required to have a fire alarm system.



If the alarm system is not working, the building owner is required by PCC title __ to provide a fire watch until the system is in acceptable working order.



What form number is the firewatch agreement?



During normal business hours the fire Marshall's office has a _______ _______ who assists with unusual circumstances.

Senior inspector


For unusual circumstances, who is available for night or weekend responses on a commercial alarm?

On duty fire investigator


A Company officer should notify what two people when establishing a firewatch?

Senior inspector or On duty investigator


When would it be okay to request an RP to respond to the scene before you reach the scene?

Incident history indicates an RP needs to be started early due to a delayed response, or the alarm has become chronic and false


If a building alarm is reporting to an off-site supervising station, that supervising station must contact an RP who can respond to the site within ___ hours for an alarm, or ___ hours for supervisory and trouble signals.

2 hours - alarm
4 hours - trouble alarm


If the supervising station cannot produce the contact number for a current RP, Forward a FMO company referral form ______ and the fire inspector will cite the business owner for failure to update their records.



If a faulty device is removed on a _________ system, the remainder of the system will work

Addressable - gives location of problem


If a faulty initiating device is removed on a _______ system, all components down circuit from that device will become inoperable.



If there is an alarm at a commercial structure, Portland fire rescue will attempt to do what three things to reset the alarm?

1. Identify the reason for the alarm
2. Mitigate any fire related problems
3. Reset the alarm if possible


The incident system tracks false alarms for response addresses on a rolling __ month time frame.



When ___ false alarms are entered into the system during a 12 month period for a specific address, Electronic notification will be automatically generated and sent to the designated person in the FMO.



Company officers shall generate an FMO company referral on form #300.07 for ______ false alarms in commercial occupancies.



A company officer may elect not to respond to a commercial fire alarm if they have personal knowledge that what three things are happening:

1. System is being tested
2. System is being worked on
3. System is out of service for an appropriate reason


If a company officer decides not to respond to a commercial alarm, who shall they notify to supplement the text of the call with their actions?

Dispatch on OPS 1, then notify your battalion chief.


A company officer should always document the reason for nonresponse to a commercial alarm in what area of the incident system?

Comment section


Who are the only people that are allowed to flag an address?

FMO inspectors on-site and assisting with testing.


After clearing a commercial alarm, Company officers should have dispatched do what?

Supplement the text with the occupancy status of the building.


If an alarm system cannot be restored and there are people in the building, A company officer must assign what?



When is a firewatch warranted even if there are no occupants in the building?

When there are significant quantities of hazardous materials.


Where can a company officer find a list of licensed, bonded security guards for firewatch?

On file at the FMO


In the event a security guard is required for firewatch but not available to perform the task, Who may be called back to perform the required firewatch?

An off-duty inspector


Instead of flagging an address, Company officers can have who "take control" of the building to discontinue supervisory station monitoring at an external site?

Have the RP call to discontinue monitoring.


Which fire marshal policy should you look too for further interpretations of firewatch agreements?


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