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The two basic reasons why discipline should be administered is to:

1. help an individual become a better employee

2. deter employees from engaging in improper conduct or violation of rules and regulations


Where there is doubt as to the proper level of authority for the administration of appropriate disciplinary action, who should an officer consult with?

Battalion Chiefs, Supervisors and Company Officers shall consult with their immediate superior officer.


All persons contemplating taking disciplinary action should refer to what City Manual?

Administering Employee Discipline: A guide for Managers and Supervisors


All disciplinary action records (Oral Warnings, Written Reprimands, Suspensions, Demotions, and Discharges) will be sent to what three places?

1. Bureau's Personnel Officer.
2. Employee's Official City Personnel File in the Bureau of Personnel Services
3.the Personnel Director


Any company officer may take appropriate action for minor offenses, performance deficiencies or behavioral problems of members in their command, not to exceed the following:

1. Administer an oral warning.
2. Administer a Written Reprimand.
3. Prescribe extra on-duty station maintenance work, not to exceed two hours for each of ten consecutive working shifts.
4. Withhold trade time and other privileges, not to exceed six months.


All action taken by Company Officers or supervisor under this authority shall be recorded in what places?

1. Company Journal
2. or supervisor's disciplinary record, in addition to the "Letter of Reprimand".

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