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Statistically, the assault portion of an active shooter event is over within how many minutes?

10 minutes


Areas that have been quickly cleared by the police but are not secure are known as what zone?

Warm zone


A rescue team will consist of how many people?

Four firefighters and three police officers


Police code for suspect in custody?

"61" or "10 – 61"


What is the apparatus response for an MCI?

Four engines
Two trucks
Squad 1
Two battalion chiefs
One heavy squad
One ambulance


How many apparatus respond on a second alarm for an MCI?

Four engines
Two trucks
One battalion chief


How many apparatus respond on the third alarm for an MCI?

Three engines
One truck


What does an ambulance strike team consist of?

One ambulance supervisor
Five ambulance
11 people total


Police nets on our radios are in which bank?

E bank


When police are trying to confront or sneak up on the suspect they will say what over the air?

"hold the air"


If an active shooter call is balanced to an MCI, an incident commander should request what from dispatch?

Ambulance strike team


The first chief officer should always assign the first due officer to what position?

Medical branch Dir.


For clear radio communication's with ambulance on an active shooter scene what should an officer request?

Request a separate ops channel for ambulance traffic.


On an active shooter incident what simplex channel should we use for interior operations in large structures?

Simplex 2


To triage, patients will always be brought through what during an active shooter incident?

Chokepoint to a casualty collection point


As patients are triaged at the CCP, what should be searched for?

Secondary weapons


What is the minimum number of police officers that should accompany Portland fire rescue teams on an active shooter incident?

Three police officers


All fire members on rescue teams shall be well marked with what equipment?

Safety vest or turnout coat and a helmet


Priorities of medical care when in the warm zone should be confined to what two things?

External bleeding and BLS airway


There are four personnel in each fire rescue team, what radio channels should their radios be on?

1. one on the police net
2. one on the Mayday channel
3. Two on the specific ops channel or assigned simplex channel


When encountering a patient who has been shot, place a triage tag on them immediately, then do what?

Place a sticker with the tag number on the ground where you found the patient.


Who can be used to help extricate victims?

Walking wounded


Police need to be notified immediately of any conscious patient that appears to be mortally wounded so that the police officer may obtain what from the patient?

A dying declaration


What are three pieces of EMS equipment that should be used during an active shooter incident?

1. Lifting tarps
2. Tourniquets
3. Clotting bandages


You should always check a victim or a patient for what prior to moving patient?

Weapons or secondary devices.

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