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What are the two keys to efficient and successful operations at MCI emergencies?

Proper triage and communications.


At an MCI for three positions may be filled with fire personnel?

Triage group supervisor
Treatment group supervisor
Medical staging area manager


To medical branch director is responsible for staffing which positions?

Triage group supervisor
Treatment group supervisor
Medical staging area manager
Transportation group supervisor
Patient destination Coordinator


Which two positions will likely be assigned by ambulance personnel?

Transportation group supervisor
Patient destination Coordinator


Which position can be filled with either fire or ambulance personnel?

Medical staging area manager


Who is responsible to see that secondary and on going triage of the victims occurs and that each victim has a triage tag in place?

Treatment group supervisor


If ambulance personnel arrived on scene prior to fire personnel, ambulance personnel should be assigned as soon as possible to what three positions?

1. base area manager
2. transportation group supervisor
3. patient destination Coordinator


What are the two methods of triage?

Open triage and closed triage


Where is open triage performed?

Inside the incident scene


Where is closed triage performed?

at a triage point outside the immediate incident scene.


What is the main advantage of open triage?

Identify critical (red) patients more quickly


What is the disadvantage of open triage?

They take longer to begin actually moving patients.


What is the disadvantage of closed triage?

May need relief personnel earlier than with open triage.


experience has shown that crews moving how many people will become fatigued

3-6 people.


Rehab should be considered early in MCI incidents, what two resources should be dispatched for help?

CBRNE Heavy squads
Rehab units


Which triage method provides a quick and easy to follow series of steps for the primary triage of victims?

ABC triage method.


At plane crashes, what should be done with triage tags?

tear a corner off and leave it where the victim was found.


When using triage tape what should you do with it?

Wrap a segment around an extremity and tear off a piece to carry in your sack to keep a victim count.


Ideally, how many companies should be assigned to a treatment area at an MCI?



Which treatment area should be closest to the ambulance loading zone at an MCI?



On any incident involving hazmat, what type of triage should be done?

Closed triage.


Normally an ambulance can carry only one critical pt per vehicle, but at an MCI they may carry how many patients?

two critical and additional non-critical


All communications regarding patient destination at an MCI will be handled by whom?

Patient destination coordinator


If you need to speak to the regional hospital during an MCI, how should you request them?

Request through BOEC for them to come up on our ops channel


If a patients clothing or belongings has to be bagged and identified at an MCI, how can you do that on a large scene?

Tear off a bar code identifier from triage tag and place it in the bag


Which apparatus has equipment for moving pts in a MCI?

CBRNE heavy squads


For extremely large or lengthy incidents on MCI's, the establishment of what should be considered?

Medical care point (equipment is stored on CBRNE)


PF&R can be expected to provide care at a MCP for the first __ hours of operations?



Multnomah County Health System health care personnel can be expected to arrive at a MCP within __ to __ hours?

6-12 hours


The Oregon Disaster Medical Team (ODMT) will begin to arrive at a MCP within __ hours with __ to __ responders, and can ultimately provide up to __ personnel in 24 hours?

Arrive in 6 hours
6-12 responders
35 responders total

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