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Who may audit the station supplies at anytime?

Deputy chief of logistics


What are the three things that determine the supply inventory for each particular station?

1. Size of the station
2. Need for landscaping supplies
3. Number of personnel assigned to the station


When ordering supplies, The vendor turnaround on orders is usually ___ to ___ days.

1 to 2 days


Station supply request can be submitted and monitored via the ______ & _______ request system.

Work and supply


How often should supplies be ordered?



If the station supply officer wishes to request a non-standard item, they should make an attempt to identify what three things?

1. Vendor
2. Part number
3. Price


Where do you order copy paper from?

Contact logistics


If there are any discrepancies in what you have ordered for the station when delivered, who do you report this to?

Staff captain at logistics

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