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How should search teams eliminate low pressure vent points?

Maintain door control


modern hydrocarbon based products burn at a rate ___ to ___ times that of legacy fuels, producing ___ to ___ times more smoke.

2 to 3 times the rate
4 to 10 times more smoke


What are the four different types of searches?



Who will typically be doing the primary search?

First arriving truck company


Who should do a secondary search?

A team other than the one who did the primary search.


Information that may lead firefighters to do a targeted search in a certain area of a structure may include:

Occupancy type
Building layout
Location of bedroom Windows
Audible cues from victims
Sound of the pass device


What makes a search an oriented search?

The use of search tools/ or techniques that keeps a team oriented.


What are three essential elements of a successful search operation?

1. Careful size up
2. Establish a search plan
3. Coordination amongst crewmembers


In residential structures, a minimum of how many sides of the structure should be viewed prior to initiating search operations?

Minimum of two sides. If time and circumstances permit, Viewing three sides or doing a 360 is preferred.


In multiple occupancy structures, prior to reaching the fire floor, consider conducting a survey of the floor below to determine what three things?

1. Interior hallway layout
2. Floorplan
3. Points of access and egress


What are the three rescue profiles Portland fire and rescue recognizes?

1. No rescue
2. Possible rescue
3. Confirmed rescue


In what rescue profile does that OSHA two in - two out rule not apply?

Confirmed rescue profile


What are the basic elements of a large area search plan?

1. Method of orientation
2. Individual member roles
3. Equipment assignments
4. Area of the structure to be searched.


Communication with incident command in regards to searching should include what four Communications?

1. Change in smoke or heat conditions
2. Changes in location
3. Completion of the search or location of victim
4. Splitting for search


When doing search operations what is the oriented firefighters primary responsibility?

Maintain situational awareness.


How long is a search rope?

150 feet with rings and knots.
Rings and knots are placed every 20'


What is the best size pike pole to bring for search operations?

4' Pike pole


Another way for search teams to maintain orientation is to utilize search ropes or hose lines as "_______ ________."

Anchor points


If a search rope is utilized, the oriented firefighter will be assigned the rope bag and will function as the "______" search team member.



When considering a large area search scenario, command must first consider what two things?

Rescue profile
Risk versus benefit to firefighters


What are the four positions in the standard four person search method?

1. Lead firefighter
2. Officer
3. Wing firefighter
4. Oriented firefighter


Who maintains the search rope in a large structure search?

Oriented firefighter


How many people in a search team is recommended during a Mayday/RIT scenario?

Four person search team with the search rope.


What three things are required or critical for a four person search team to be successful?

Teamwork, coordination and discipline


The first job of a search crew is to _____ and ______ a fire, then initiate the search.

Locate and isolate


Most fire victims are found in what three areas:

1. within the fire area origin
2. towards an exit
3. Occupancy directly above the fire


Where are adult fire victims commonly found?

In their bed, or near exits


Where are teenage fire victims commonly found?

In the bed, near exits, bathrooms


Where our children commonly found during searches?

Cribs, under beds, closets


When doing searches above the fire floor where should be oriented firefighter maintain their position?

Near the top of stairs to watch for changing conditions.


In the single-family dwelling, it is recommended that who take the position of oriented firefighter?

Officer or B team leader


When searching the fire floor of the center hallway apartment building, the focus should be directed to locating the fire room and doing what?

Controlling the door


If fire and heat conditions are significant what should you do to a nearby apartment when searching?

Force a nearby apartment door to create an area of refuge if needed.


Why should you try to avoid moving furniture when doing a search?

You may block a victim or a doorway.


When doing a search in a dark room, narrow tapered furniture legs with wheels often indicate what?

The crib

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