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The rehab group supervisor will typically report to the IC. At large incidents the rehab group supervisor may have to report to what two people?

Logistics section chief
Service Branch Director


When choosing a site for rehab, choose a site that is large enough to handle all personal on scene and should have what other three characteristics?

Upwind of exhaust fumes
Relatively quiet
Within walking distance


The Rehab area should be close to what area at an incident?

Staging area


For large, Long duration incidents, what arrangements should be made to supplement the rehab unit?

Portable toilet facilities


For rehab area shall be defined with Fireline tape and shall have one:

Entry/exit point


The rehab area shall be divided into what three units?

Entry/exit unit
Hydration and replenishment unit
Medical treatment and transport unit


Any member with a pulse greater then ___ shall report directly to the medical treatment and transport unit.



Members that do not require medical attention while in rehab shall report to where?

Hydration and replacement unit


During heat stress, members should consume at least how much water per hour?

1 quart of water per hour


Member shall rehydrate with at least how many ounces of water while their SCBA cylinders are being changed?

At least 8 ounces


A Red Cross canteen should be requested for extended incidents and any ___ or greater alarm.

Third alarm or greater


Firefighters who have expended __ SCBA cylinders shall be assigned to rehab for rest and evaluation?

Two cylinders


A rest period in rehab shall not be less than __ minutes and may exceed an ____ based on the rehab supervisors opinion.

20 minutes
One hour


Certain drugs impair the body's ability to sweat. Extreme caution must be exercised if the member has taken what three types of medications?



Rehab medical personnel shall evaluate vital signs including ______ _______ levels.

Carbon monoxide


If a members heart rate exceeds 120 bpm they shall be directed to the medical treatment and transport unit. What will then be assessed?

Body temperature will be measured initially and then remeasured after a 20 minute cool down period.


If after a 20 minute cool down, what three things found may require transport for further medical attention?

A pulse > 100
Temperature greater then 101°F
Blood pressure less than 100 systolic

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