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PPV substantially ________ the temperatures within the structure and ________ the time to Flashover.



When will positive pressure attack (PPA) be used during fires?

Never with Portland fire and rescue.


It two blowers of an unequal size are utilized in line:

Place larger blower about 2 feet back from the inlet and place the smaller blower behind the larger blower.


To ventilate an area without an exterior exhaust opening you can use two blowers placed where?

1. Place one blower outside building to pressurize the interior.
2. Place the second blower blowing into the bottom portion of the area to be ventilated.


PPV is most effective when the exhaust opening is __ to ___ the size of the entrance opening.

3/4 to 1 3/4


Window ventilation can be increased by __% when screens are removed.



If a gasoline powered blower is being utilized and an exhaust odor is noticeable, what does this indicate?

The exhaust opening is not large enough


Which firefighter position on the truck creates the opening for positive pressure ventilation?

Outside vent


What can you use to keep smoke from entering an exposure?

Positive pressure ventilation fan blowing across exposure windows


When should stair shafts in high-rise structures be ventilated?

To facilitate evacuation


Whenever possible, you should ventilate on what side of the structure with positive pressure ventilation?

The Windward side, exhausting contaminants on the leeward side.


What are the three limitations of use for the positive pressure fan?

1. combustible dust atmospheres
2. Flammable vapors present
3. Concealed spaces

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