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The policy of Portland fire and rescue shall be to use the accountability system at all emergency scenes involving __ or more companies.

Two or more companies


What is Portland fire and rescue's four staged approach to accountability?

1. IMS
2. radio communication
3. Buddy system
4. utilization of tracking tools


When using the buddy system, team members must always be in contact with each other by _____, ______ or ______.

Voice, Vision or touch


When managing engine company personnel on the MDC, What spots will personnel be logged into?

First position–officer
Second position–Driver
Third position–nozzle
Fourth position–hydrant


What color is the primary and "B" passport?

White with black letters


What color is a secondary passport?

Red with black letters


On fire apparatus, secondary passports shall be attached where?

Inside the officers door


On support apparatus and fleet vehicles, the secondary passports will be found where?

Inside the drivers door


Which passports are kept in the mobile command center?

Blank green passports


Where would you be able to find a makeup passport kit?

District headquarters
Mobile command center


Company officers and firefighters helmet shields are what color?

Silver with red lettering


What color is a Chiefs helmet shield?

Silver with blue lettering


Each number shall maintain __ Velcro nametags under the rear brim of their helmet when not in use.



Individuals who usually function alone on scene will be required to observe what System when operating in the hazard zone?

The buddy system


B team leaders on engine companies will be assigned to what position?

Hydrant position


When driving or operating a specialized apparatus, passports shall be kept where?

Inside the drivers door


What should a company officer do with the drivers passport if they are not in the hazard zone with their company?

Invert the drivers tag on the primary passport.


If an officer is given a division or group assignment, they shall obtain all passports and record what three things on their status board?

Company status


When assigned to a group that will be mobile through several divisions, what will be the group tracking que?

Face-to-face communication
Or report over the radio


Command must verify the _______ and ________ of any company that fails to respond to a par.

Location and condition


If a supervisor allows one member to leave the hazard zone to retrieve A tool or performing tasks, they should consider what four things before allowing this?

1. Fire conditions
2. Size of the structure
3. Proximity to egress
4. Members training level and experience


When on scene, the IC can obtain a Roll call from any company by looking where?



If a chief officer relieves a company officer of command, What shall the Company officer do in order to reattach to the company?

Use the buddy system to travel through the hazard zone and report over the radio that you have reattached with your company.


The passport tracking system shall be implemented when ___ or more companies and/or teams are assigned to any division/group.

Three or more companies, or when any greater alarm is called.


When a company is requested from staging/base, what three things shall be verbalized?

Which company they are sending
Their destination
To whom they will report to


The term "emergency traffic" is mandatory in what seven situations?

1. Withdrawal/abandon
2. Reporting extreme safety hazards
3. Strategy change from offense to defense
4. Introduction of master streams
5. Reported missing personnel
6. Requesting additional resources in a critical situation
7. Anytime critical information must cut through normal radio traffic


When ordering a building to be abandoned, IC shall use the term emergency traffic, all apparatus on scene shall then do what?

Sound one 10 second blast on their airhorns


When completing a par, which order of companies should be the highest priority?

1. Most severely threatened firefighters
2. Largest numbers of companies
3. Others in the hazard zone
4. Exposure areas

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