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A major earthquake is considered ___ on the richter scale.



The greatest danger is from what type of earthquake?

Subduction quake


What is the initial danger of an earthquake?

Building collapse


If indoors during an earthquake, how far away from the windows should you be?

15 feet and up against an interior wall


What 4 actions should you take following an earthquake?

1. turn on radios to dispatch and to preassigned simplex channel
2. Assess utilities
3. assess structural damage
4. obtain personal gear.


What radio channels do you turn on after an earthquake?

Preassigned battalion simplex channel


If there is any doubt about the structural stability of quarters after an earthquake, what should you do?

Abandon quarters


If company quarters has sustained major damage it is important to try and obtain what two things?

Portable radios
apparatus cell phone


When the safety of the crew has been established after an earthquake, what is the next priority?

establishment of communications


After an earthquake, be prepared to give a report concerning your company's status including what 5 things?

1. Injuries to personnel
2. Condition of apparatus
3. condition of quarters
4. neighborhood conditions
5. status of communications


What radio should be used for all simplex communications?

Apparatus Mobile radio


As soon as conditions permit following and earth quake, dispatch will announce a specific talk group so that what can be conducted?



Any company not contacted after a reasonable period of time of how many minutes, should try to contact BOEC?

15 minutes


What are the five ways you can try to contact BOEC following an earthquake?

Company business phone
Ops channels 2 through 12
Apparatus cell phone
Company back phone
Nearest neighborhood phone


If the company is unable to contact BOEC, who should you next try to contact following an earthquake?

Battalion chief


If it is determined that BOEC is completely nonfunctional, what will be utilized as a mobile communication base?

Mobile command 9


Mobile command nine has been tested at four different locations, what are those locations?

1. Council crest
2. Mount Tabor
3. Kelly Butte
4. Rocky Butte


All company officers shall keep what two things with them at all times following an earthquake?

Apparatus cell phone


What is the last means of communications if everything else fails?

Amateur radio at the emergency coordination center (ECC)


What is the first priority in the earthquake emergency guidelines if communications cannot be established?

Survey/triage your district


Following an earthquake, the primary firefighting mission is to control those fires that have _________ potential.



If possible, the company should not be committed to any emergencies until what has been completed?

Damage assessment


Structural fires following earthquake will be caused primarily by what two things?

Natural gas
Power lines down


Following an earthquake, prior to committing to a water hydrant, What should be done?

Check the hydrant for dependability


What are NET teams trained to do?

1. Shut off utilities
2. Put out incipient fires
3. Administer basic first aid
4. perform light search and rescue
5. Basic damage assessment


What do NET teams wear?

Red vests with helmets


When reporting about area surroundings in your district, What are the three things that should be communicated?

1. Structural conditions
2. Visible fire locations
3. Condition of streets and utilities


Whenever a company is committed to an emergency following an earthquake, What's seven things should be documented?

1. Location/Address
2. Time
3. Type of incident
4. Equipment used
5. Number of people/names of those helped
6. Source of water supply
7. Names of civilians assisting


In the event that both phones and radio communications are disrupted following an earthquake, what should off-duty personnel do?

Return to work on their own initiative.


If you are unable to make it to your station following earthquake, what are the next five places you could try to make it to?

1. Closest station you can reach
2. Other city shop
3. Closest fire station in another jurisdiction
4. NET team
5. Stay where you're at and help as much as you can.

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