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What percentage of people who demonstrate symptoms related to stress can resolve these alone?

50%, the other half continue to be affected.


What's four events are particularly stressful for emergency workers?

1. death of child
2. Death of a coworker
3. High-rise fires
4. MCI's


Where can a member or family member receive informal help for individual counseling?



Where can a person received professional help in regards to individual counseling?

Cascade centers
City select
Kaiser medical plan


When being matched up with a peer supporter, who will people be generally matched up with?

Same rank
Same gender
Someone with experience in the area of concern


How many EAP visits do you get for each incident per fiscal year?

Eight visits


The CISM team consists of what 4 people?

1. EAP Coordinator
2. Mental health professionals
3. Peer supporters
4. Chaplain


An informal, shorter debriefing with a small number of personnel immediately after an event is called:



A group intervention used after a large-scale event to provide information on critical incident stress:

Demobilization - performed by mental health professional and off-duty peers


A defusion session is led by two or three peer counselors which prepares the worker to return home with a lighter emotional burden. How long does a defusion session last?

Ordinarily lasts less than one hour


If it is found that a debriefing is warranted after a critical incident, who will be contacted?

Oregon Critical Response Team


A debriefing is optimally conducted within how many hours of an incident?

24 to 72 hours. Not beyond one week.


When is a follow-up debriefing normally conducted?

Weeks or months after the incident.


The deputy chief may place the members on "detail" status for up to how long?

Two shifts

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