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At no time shall the posted speed limit be exceeded by how many miles per hour?

10 mph


Under wet, foggy, or other conditions, vehicle operators should react in what two ways?

Cautiously and defensively


All drivers Shall observe what rule at all times?

The basic rule,


The oregon BASIC rule States that you must drive at the speed that is what two things at all times?

Reasonable and prudent


When backing an apparatus, if a driver does not have guides what shall he do?

Walk completely around the apparatus before backing


When are fire personnel exempt from wearing seat belts in the back of an ambulance?

When it would substantially inhibit the administration of medical aid


OSHA has determined that repeated or prolonged exposure to noise levels greater than how many decibels maybe harmful to hearing?

90 dB


In the event verbal communication between the tiller operator and the driver is not available, what signals shall be used?

One buzz = stop
two buzzes = go
three buzzes = back up


In hazardous areas, heavy traffic, or in lowlight situations, what shall be worn at all times?

1. helmet
2. Turnout coat or
3. traffic safety vest


What is the hand signal for raising or lowering an aerial?

Arms straight out, and thumb pointing up or down


What is the hands signal for extending or retracting an aerial?

Both arms at the side of your body, elbows bent at 90°, thumbs pointing away or towards each other.


What is the hand signal to rotate the aerial?

One arm straight out the side, either left or right, with index finger extended.


What is the hand signal for stopping an aerial?

Arm extended away from the body, Hand in a fist.

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