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Once notification is received from police or dispatch, who will respond to the scene on a high-risk response?

Only one company, typically the first unit assigned.


When assessing a patient on the high-risk response, train yourself to look in what four areas for weapons?

1. Car seats
2. Waistbands
3. Jackets
4. Loose clothing


When responding to apartment buildings on high-risk responses, what should you check to make sure it's unlocked to provide an escape route?



When knocking on the door at a high risk response, where should you stand?

On the doorknob side of the door. This will require the person behind the door to open it widely to see you.


If you suspect violence directed at you, How should you stand on see?

Stand at a right angle out of arms reach, never against the wall. Use physical barriers to protect yourself.


If you are on scene and you cannot monitor for safety at all times, what should you do?

Assign somebody as safety.


If you're not able to use clear voice on scene and you need immediate assistance from police, you should use the code "_____ _____" to dispatch.

code red


What term will dispatch use to determine if you're able to speak to them over the radio on high-risk response?

"are you able".


What is a good idea to do if there are bystanders on scene that you don't want to hear your radio traffic?

Switch to another talk group.

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