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Who is the mutual aid liaison officer?

Chief assigned to BOEC


Who do you need to notify of all mutual aid requests for Portland fire and rescue?

Battalion chief


The fire liaison shall refer mutual aid requests for apparatus in excess of ___ engines and ___ trucks to the on-duty deputy chief (C103) for authorization.

Three engines
One truck


Companies will not be dispatched to non-protected areas unless authorized by what two people?

On-duty deputy chief
Chief of the bureau


If you are dispatched on a mutual aid request, as a company officer, you should do what two things immediately?

Switch your radio to the mutual aid talk group
Determined if a battalion chief is needed


Who shall be the sole judge in determining the extent or imminence of danger to Portland fire rescue personnel and equipment when on scene of a mutual aid?

Officer in charge of Portland fire


If a company from outside of Portland is moved up into a station in the city of Portland and they need a guide while in the city, who will be detailed to help them?

On-duty members detailed from in-service companies.

Unless there are callbacks, then it will be an off-duty member reporting back for duty.


Guides for companies from outside of Portland will assist companies with what four things?

1. Routes
2. Addresses
3. Hydrant locations
4. Operational procedures


Mutual aid companies will never be detained for what type of work unless absolutely necessary?


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