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Any questions on computer use not covered in the station's computer notebook should be directed to what two people?

1. Senior business systems analyst
2. BTS


Computer workstations and laptops must be periodically connected to the city network so what can happen?

Virus checks


If your MDC does not work correctly, what are 3 things you can check before calling BTS?

1. Fuses
2. Verizon air card
3. Antenna on the roof


For workstations and laptops, the PC identification number is located where?

Top or front of computer


For any major computer outage after business hours, who do you get authorization from For BTS to help?



Computers are to be used for what two purposes?

1. Professional development
2. Work related topics


A form needs to be signed by all people that use the Internet. This form needs to be sent to who after it is signed?

PF&R Senior Business Systems Analyst


All staff will empty any unnecessary or outdated deleted items or inbox messages on a _______ basis.


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