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The first arriving truck companies first responsibility is Life safety, this may begin with what three things?

1. Forcible entry
2. Search and rescue
3. Coordinated Horizontal ventilation


During coordinated horizontal ventilation the first due engine company needs to make three radio transmissions to coordinate with the outside team, what are those communications?

1. Fire attack is making entry
2. Location of the fire
3. "take Glass"


When is it ok to take the glass?

1. attack line is making a push to the room
2. they are actively putting water on the fire.


A hoseline is operational when it is observed "________" as the bail is opened and closed.



What two options for forcible entry are the least desirable?

Kicking in the door
Taking glass next to a door

Only use as last resort.


What are the two main critical factors to consider when doing horizontal ventilation?

Wind speed and direction


A wind speed of __ mph blowing into an opening can produce a wind driven fire scenario.

10 mph


What are the contraindications for using horizontal ventilation?

Attic fires
Fire in knee walls


If the fire location is not known, What should you never do to windows?

Do not break the windows


What is the appropriate ventilation tactic if it is believed that backdraft conditions exist?

Vertical ventilation.


Coordinated horizontal ventilation is the ideal tactic in what two types of structure when the initial truck needs to complete ventilation and search at the same time?

Single-family dwellings
Garden style apartments

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