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what is the perfect diet?

there is no perfect diet, every diet is personal


define epidemiology

study and analysis of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions


what is a high risk diet?

habitual food/beverage intatke that is predictive of risk for chronic over-consumption diseases or under-consumption diseases


what are 3 obvious high risk eating patterns

anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, muscle dysmorphia (psychological)


what is metabolic syndrome

a group of conditions (high BP, high cholesterol, excess body fat, high blood glucose) that occur together and increase risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes


what are some diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa? 4

weight loss/improper growht
body weight


how do we measure expected body weight? 3

BMI, CDC growth charts (only go up to 20), desireable body weight tables (used in life insurance)


what are some diagnostic criteria for bulimia nervosa?

binge eating followed by inappropriate compensatory behavior (vomiting, fasting, laxative)

Irrational perception of figure/weight status


what is muscle dysmorphia?

AKA Big-orexia


what are some diagnostic criteria of big-orexia 3

obsession with appearance/muscle size,
excessive exercise and mirror viewing, irrational perception of figure


what are EDNOS?

Eating disorders not otherwise specified: any eating disorder that does not fite the criteria of a specific eating disorder (ex woman who exhibits all criteria of anorexia nervosa but has normal menses)


What is Pica? what is it an example of?

eating unusual substances, classified as a EDNOS


what are some diets (eating patterns) that have more favorable health outcomes?

Mediterranean, DASH, Dietary guidelines (myPyramid)


what does the mediterranean diet pattern consist of?

abundance of plant foods

, low red meat, wine,eggs,

moderate chicken, fish, cheese

Fruit as dessert


what is the DASH diet pattern?

Dietary approaches to stop hypertension. increase intake of low sodium and high potassium foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meat)

significantly reduces BP


what are vegetarian diets deficient in?

B12, protein, iron, zinc


med. diet and DASH can also be called

prudent diet patterns


what is the western diet pattern?

high calorie, starch, meat refined foods


the western diet has been correlated with what?

higher BMI (insulin, leptin, cholesterol and BP increases)


to reduce risk of CVD, diabetes, obesity ____ should be increased and ____should be decreased in the diet

increased: veg/fruit, whole grains

decrease: red and processed meats, refined grains, sugary beverages

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