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contrast karyolysis, pyknosis, and karyorrhexis

karyolysis: nucleus dissolves
pyknosis: nucelus condenses
karyorrhexis: nucleus fragments


what are the cytoplasmic changes associated with necrosis?

cytoplasmic coagulation related to Ca influx(necrotic cells stain darker)


what type of necrosis is described as "tomb stones" cells that maintain shape, with contraction bands, an abundance of neutrophils, and often seen in ischemia?

coagulative necrosis. do you know what this looks like on a slide? (heart, kidney)


what type of necrosis is often seen in abscessed tissue and is decribed as being filled with cell debris, have aggregates of bacteria?

liquefactive necrosis (brain, abscess)


what type of necrosis is described as looking like cottage cheese and has round "cookie-like" granulomas when stained?

caseous necrosis (lungs)


what type of necrosis is described as soap bubbles with yellowing tissue due to calcium deposits?

fat necrosis (pancreas, breast)


which necrosis types are associated with accute inflammation? chronic?

acute: coagulative, liquefactive

chronic: caseous, fat


during the inflammatory response, which cells arrive first? which cells are there after prolonged necrosis?

first: neutrophils
prolonged: macrophages

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