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what is malnutrition (cause 2)

a diseases caused by insufficient or imbalanced dier OR by defective assimilation or utilization of nutrients


what is primary malnutrition

malnutrition caused by inadequate or excess food intake


what is secondary malnutrition?

malnutrition caused by defective assimilation or utilization of nutrients


does overnutrition, undernutrition, or both cause problems with physiological function?



what is RDA?

the recommended daily allowances that will provide satisfactory levels of nutrient for 97.5% of a GROUP of people


is RDA the same for everyone?

no, RDA is based on groups of people (male, female, age)


is the RDA the average requirement for food intake?

no, it is two standard deviations above the average


what is the main goal of RDA?

to prevent nutrient deficiency


what is DRI? what is the goal?

a revised version of RDA (dietary reference intakes) that whose goal is to prevent nutrient deficiencies AND reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with weight gain


what is estimated average requirement? (EAR)

a nutrient intake value that is estimated to meet the needs of 50% of the persons in a specific age and gender group. these are the averages upon which RDAs are determined


what is adequate intake? (AI)

the amount of nutrient intake that appears to sustain good health in a group of people. for nutrients that have not yet received enough scientific study to have an official RDA. somewhere between RDA and UL


what is tolerable upper intake level (UL)

the highest level of a nutrient that is likely to pose no risk or adverse health effect in 98% of popn


what is supertracker?

an app that helps you plan, analyze, and track your diet and exercise


what is myplate?

the current nutrition guide published in the US. it depicts a place setting divided into 5 food groups: grain, fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy


what should be reduced according to myplate?

sat fats, sodium, added sugars


what should foods should be increased according to myplate?

half your plate should be fruits and vegetables, half of the grains should be whole grains


what are some differences between the healthy eating plate and myplate?

healthy eating plate: suggests healthy protein: fish, poultry, beans (suggests avoiding processed meat and limiting red meat) my plate just says protein HEP: encourages avoidace of potatoes b/c they raise blood sugar HEP: discusses fats whereas myplate does not HEP: encourages water, whereas myplate encourages milk at ever meal HEP: has an activity message, myplate does not


label RDA, AI, EAR, UL

RDA: recomended daily allowance

AI: Adequae Intake

EAR: estimated average requirement

UL: Tolerable upper intake level 


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