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what are three benefits of pharmogentics?

avoid adverse drug reactions, improve efficacy of pharmocologic agents, improve cost-effectiveness of pharmocologic therapy


what is a locus?

a specific position of a gene on a chromosome (the same locus can have different alleles)


what is an allele

a specific gene inherited from one parent. each autosomal locus has two alleles one from mother, one from father)


what is allele frequency?

fraction of the total popn that carries a specific allele


what is a polymorphism?

2 or more alterantive sequences are present in a more than 1% of popn. (SNPs!)


contrast pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics

pharmacogenetics: focus on single genes
pharmocogenomics: focus on mulitple genes


polymorphisms impact PF, PD, both?



A pt arrives at the hospital with a rash, the dr give him an oitment. the pt asks if this topical ointment can have systemic effects? what is your reply?

yes, it can be absorbed through the skin and have systemic effects


in order for a drug to impact the CNS, what must occur?

drug must cross blood-brain barrier


other than the kidney, how else can drugs be excreted?

into the bile where they can be reabsorbed in the SI or voided in feces


what occurs in phase 1 drug metabolism? who is the major player

oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis. Cytochrome P450 enzymes


what occurs during phase 2 metabolism?

addition of large polar groups


what does CYP stand for

Cytochrome P450


given: CYP2C19*8, what does "*8" mean? what does *1 refer to?

a different allele of that specific CYP gene. *1 refers to the wt/most abundant allele


which CYP gene metabolizes the most of the commonly used genes? does it have much genetic variability?

CYP3A4/5/7, with little genetic variability


why do we care about preventing ADRs?

they are a leading cause of death in hospitalized pts. hundreds of thousands of deaths annually in US alone


CYP2C9: role, acts on?

hydroxylates (phase I). Acts on warfarin, phenytoin, tolbutamide


warfarin role, indications?

anti-cagulant. Use for pulmonary embolism, heart valve replacement, knee or hip replacement


phenytoin role



tolbutamide role

insulin release stimulator


what protein does Warfarin target? what protein metabolizes warfarin?

Targets: VKORC1
Metabolized by: CYP2C9


Does the FDA require screening for VKORC1 and CYP2C9 alleles prior to prescribing warfarin?

no, although a 28% decrease in hospitalization is seen when this information is used.


individuals who have GG in VKORC1 and *1/*1 are recommended to take 5 to 7 mg of Warfarin, whereas individuals who are AA in VKORC1 and *3/*3 are recommmended to take 0.5 to 2 mg of wararin. what accounts for this?

the GG 1*/1* metabolize warfarin better and are less prone to ADRs and can therefore take a higher dose.


what are 4 drugs metabolized by CYP2D6? which is a pro-drug?

antispychotic, antidepressants, metoprolol (antihypertensive), tamoxifen (anti-cancer, pro-drug)


what drugs inhibit the activity of CYP2D6? 4

cocaine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, protease inhibitors


CYP2D6 has 51 different alleles with varying enzyme activity; what are the four metabolizer categories of CYP2D6?

Poor metabolizer (PM)
intermediate metabolizer (IM)
Efficient metabolizer (EM)
Ultrarapid metabolizer (UM)


a mutation that increased the copy number of the CYP2D6 gene (CYP2D6*2xn) would likely be classified as a...what type of mutation is this?

Ultra metabolizer, GOF


A drug is metabolized and inactivated in the body. If a person is known to be a UM for the drug, how would you augment their dose? what if they were a PM?

increase dose because they are an Ultra metabolizer (will get rid of drug faster)

decrease dose because they are a PM (drug stays longer)


a pro-drug is metabolized and activated in the body. if a person is known to be a UM for the drug, how would you augment their dose?

decrease their dose to prevent too much active drug in the system


what is the active form of Tamoxifen? what is unique about Tamoxifen?

Endoxifen, it is a pro-drug

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