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what are the five consequences of poor inhaler technique?

reduced lung deposition of the active drug

increased cost

insreased symptoms

increased side effects

decreased lung fxn


what % of adults with asthma use poor inhaler technique?



what does a peak flow meter measure?

the maximum expiratory flow rate


what are the effects of bronchoconstriction on peak flow

decrease peak flow rate


what does it mean to have a peak flow in the green zone?

peak flow reading is 80-100% of the patients normal peak flow (under control), regular maintenance medication schedule is continued


what are the 3 categories that correspond with an asthma patients asthma action plan

green, yellow, red


what does it mean to have a peak flow in the yellow zone?

measured peak flow is 50-80% of normal. presence of narrowing passages. patient should use their rescue inhaler or take a nebulizer treatment


what is a rescue inhaler

contains a different medication from maintenance inhaler. faster acting


what is a nebulizer?

administers medication in the form of mist that is easily inhaled


what does it mean to have peak flow in the red zone?

measured peak flow is less than 50%. indicates bronchoconstriction. rescue inhaler must be taken immediately and a hospital visit may be required


what are the two types of inhalers for respiratory medication?

metered dose inhaler (MDI)
dry powder inhaler (DPI)


what is a spacer?

makes it easier for some to use the MDI, not required for MDI use


what are the steps to using a DPI? (9)

1. remove cap/cover
2. load dose of medication (pre-prepared dose of powder in a capsule or a lever that is twisted until it clicks
3. breathe out as much air as possible
4. close lips around mouthpiece
5. breathe in (fast) until lungs completely filled
6. hold breath for 10 sec
7. slowly breath out
8. if more than one dose is required wait one full minute before second dose
9. place cover on DPI (avoid getting wet)


steps in using mdi

1. shake can
2. stand up tall with head back
3. press canister take slow deep breath in (hold for 10 seconds)
4. remove inhaler and exhale

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