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what is the structural difference between sER and rER

smooth ER lacks attached ribosomes.


what is the role of sER?3

1. synthesize lipids (FAs, phsopholipids, steroid hormones)
2. store calcium
3. contains detoxifying enzymes


what is the role of the sER in the cells of the adrenal cortex?

produce steroid hormones


what is the role of sER in skeletal muscle cells?

sER is called the sarcoplasmic reticulum. sER sequesters the calcium needed for muscle contraction. Calcium released in response to T-tubule signaling (depolarization)


what is the role of sER in hepatocytes?

sER contains a variety of detoxifying enzymes anchored in the sER membrane (Cytochrome P450)


what alterations/modifications does the detoxifying enzymes of liver cells make?

make hydrophobic compounds hydrophilic so they can be excreted.


what two compounds/drugs are detoxified in the sER of the liver? (high yield)

ethanol and barbiturates

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