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state of being free from pathogenic microorganisms


two types of asepsis

medical, surgical


medical asepsis

"clean technique" practices used to reduce or prevent the spread of pathogens (hand washing, gloves, cough etiquette)


surgical aspesis

"sterile technique" practices used to eliminate all microogranisms from an object or area (seen in invasive procedures)


10 principles of sterile technique

if in doubt, assume not sterile

all items in sterile field must be sterile

a one inch border surrounding the sterile field is considered non-sterile

anything below the waist is considered non-sterile (keep hands above the waist)

never turn back on sterile field

never reach over a sterile field

sterile objects can become non-sterile by prolonged expose to air

moisture contaminates the sterile field

the skin is always considered non-sterile

assure sterility of packages


steps to follow before the start of a sterile procedure

1. verify the procedure requires a sterile field
2. wash hands
3. identify the patient and assure comfory
4. assemble equipment
5. prepare equipment at bedside

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