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what (in general) decreases (2) and increases (1) in mitochondria exposed to hypoxia?

decrease: Oxygen, ATP
increase: protons (becomes more acidic due to lactate buildup)


what are the effects of decreased ATP in hypoxic/ischemic condiitions? how? (2)

Sodium accumulates in the cell and water follows (cell swells). Na/K ATPase quits (increases Na) and the Na/H pump increases to remove protons which increases the amount of Na in the cell further.


what is hydropic change

the phenomenon that results from decreased ATP in cells (hypoxia) and an increased influx of water and Na that causes the cell to swell


what follows hydropic change in ischemic cells?

Ca induced injury


what effect does increased intracellular Ca have on ischemic cells

activates phospholipases, proteases, endonucleases that degrade cell components and cause apoptosis/necrosis

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