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Auxiliary pumps are neither designed nor intended to be used for long periods of operation. In fact they should be operated for intervals of about ______, with an equal amount of rest between operations

One minute


Since the tiller axle is a steering axle, ______ must not exceed 2" on a 20" wheel or 10 degrees on any sized steering wheel.

Steering wheel free play


When it is necessary to operate during high wind conditions, the driver/operator should spot the apparatus in a manner that ____________. The aerial device may also be positioned over the front or rear of the apparatus, preferably parallel to the wind direction.

Minimizes the extension needed


Most new models of aerial apparatus are equipped with what is called a _________. It is acceptable to engage these systems when the main transmission is in neutral. ________ should only be done when the driver operator is sure that the vehicle is equipped with such a system.

"Hot-shift" PTO system


Many tractor Drawn vehicles are equipped with an alarm that sounds if an attempt is made to create an angle greater than ___.

90 degrees


Those who are in the greatest amount of real or perceived danger should be given the ________. Typically, occupants __________ will be in the greatest danger.

Highest priority

Located on or above the fire floor


Use the __________ for quick ladder use: 75 degree elevation, 80 percent extended length, and 80 psi nozzle pressure for a 1 1/2 inch tip. Use ladders perpendicular to the rungs on older units, with a maximum lateral movement of 15 degrees to either side, if lateral movement is allowed. Many new models offer a 180 degree sweep.

75-80-80 guideline


A _______ is required at the floor level and should be 4 in high. This _____ prevents the firefighters feet from sliding off the platform in case of slip and fall.

Kick plate


The long standing fire service standard has been to provide ____ of clearance between the aerial device and overhead high voltage lines energized from 600 to 50,000 volts and _____ of clearance for high voltage transmission lines over 50,000 volts.

10 feet

50 feet


Maximum stability is achieved when the angle of the tractor is _____ from the centerline of the trailer and the aerial ladder is operated toward outside of the angle.

60 degrees


Failure of the main hydraulic pump will typically require the auxiliary hydraulic pump to be used. Only operate the auxiliary hydraulic pump intervals _______.

Recommended by manufacturers


When using aerial platforms most fire departments prefer that the platform be placed so that the _______ of the platform is even with the windowsill

Top rail


Electrical cords may be stored on apparatus reels, or fixed automatic rewind reels. Some jurisdictions may specify______, cords with 600 volt insulation and twist lock receptacles to provide secure connections.

12 gauge 3 wire