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Fall protection will only be useful if the ______ is secured to a portion of the device that will support the load imposed by a fall



The primary control position for the aerial operator is at the lower controls, usually located at the _____



The secondary control position is either at the controls or controls in the ______

Platform basket


Most manufacturers provide distributed load capacities, depending on the ladder extension and elevation. This informations communicated via the _______

Load chart


Newer drivers operators should avoid full speed operations until they are very familiar with the operation of the aerial device. Because of the forces being generated, especially length increases, all movements must be slow, smooth and controlled_____



_____ are permanently attached nozzle systems that can be operated from either the tip of the aerial or one section lower.

True pinnable airways


Operators of pinnable water ways must be properly trained and have full knowledge of the proper procedures for safely operating in both ________

Firefighter and rescue modes


Firefighting mode is where the master stream nozzle is at the ____ of the aerial.



Rescue mode the nozzle is one aerial ________

Section lower


It is preferable to use some type of ______ apparatus when placing one or more firefighters at the position where the elevated master stream is going to be deployed

Elevating platform


Operating of the aerial device when the apparatus is parked on a grade greatly complicates the _____ placed upon the aerial device and its related components

Dynamic stress factors


The driver operator must be able to roughly determine the wind speeds at the location of aerial device operation. The most reliable methods of obtaining this information involve the use of ________.

Calibrated measuring equipment


Cold weather causes an increased _____ of the hydraulic oil, slowing overall machine operation



When subjected to extreme cold, the device should be operated in a manner that will minimize or eliminate ____ to its structural members

Shock loading


In icy conditions, the operator should consider keeping the aerial ______ with the apparatus chassis as this is the strongest position to operate any aerial device

In line


Special rescue operations are the most common scenario that require _____ by an aerial device

Below grade operations


While most manufactures do not recommend using the aerial device to physically lift a load, the aerial device is sometimes used to create a ______ for a rope rescue system that moves a load

High anchor point


One type of aerial device that is particularly well suited for below grade rescue operations is the _______

Three boom articulating aerial platform