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A staging area can be located anywhere mobile equipment can be temporarily parked while awaiting assignment. It is best to stage units ________ from the actual incident to avoid the temptation of freelance into action and to ensure that staged units are in a safe area.

Two or more blocks


The ______ manages all tactical operations such as search and rescue, extinguishment, and provision of medical care to victims.

Operations section


Frame buildings built prior to 1940 may be ________; whereas frame buildings built later will probably be __________.

Balloon frame

Platform frame


Type 1 construction
Type 2 construction
Type 3 construction
Type 4 construction
Type 5 construction

Fire resistive
Heavy timber


If the first engine company will be used to lay attack lines position the apparatus on the same side as the fire and as close to the curb line as possible, with the discharge gates with the desired

Desired entry point


If the apparatus is set up to use rear discharges for preconnected attack lines, then the pumper should be positioned close to the curb but __________.

Forward of the desired entry point


If computer models are not available reasonably accurate estimations can be determined by using empirical methods, such as the ISO formula, which states that __________ or the _______.

1.7 x distance + 0.65 = travel time or RAND (research and development corporation average speed of 35 miles per hour)


Is the first medical priority in managing a medical disaster. The first arriving ems personnel should not leave the scene until they are relived of __________ responsibility.



The system that is most often encountered is the ________, which is very effective and the most reliable fire suppression system.

Wet pipe sprinkler system


The _______ is probably the most commonly used method of determining flow rate.

Trial and error method


The offensive/defensive decision is based on staffing available to conduct an interior attack, water supply, ventilation, and most importantly a __________.

Risk versus benefit analysis


However, of the conditions listed, the _______ has historically posed the greatest problem and most often cited as a conflagration factor.

Wood shingle roofing


Fire debris will tend to clog floor drains; it is important to keep these drains. If floors do not have drains, a common way to provide one is by removing the toilet, creating a drain through the _______ opening in the floor.



An occupancy (1) used for the gathering of 50 or more people for deliberation, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement, awaiting transportation, or similar uses; or (2) used as a special amusement building, regardless of occupant load.

Assembly occupancy


As mentioned previously, extinguishment, the second tactical priority, often is the most effective means of accomplishing the top ________ of life safety.

Tactical priority


An occupancy used to house one or more persons under varied degrees of restraint or security where such occupants are mostly incapable of self preservation because of security measures not under occupant control.

Detention and correctional occupancy


The laws of hydraulics tell us that there is ________ of back pressure for every 1 ft of elevation. As an example in the 60 story high rise building each floor is 10 ft high Yielding a back pressure of 256 psi at the base of the building

0.434 psi


In a high rise situation, most of the reserve force is moved through the lobby and then to the _______. This area is normally _______ below the fire.

Interior staging area

Two or more floors below the fire


This _______ would include a drawing of the property specific floor layouts and narrative describing important features

Formal preincedent plan


The ________ building As the name indicates Is superior to all other building types in regard to structural stability under fire conditions

Fire resistive type 1


______ deal with fire extending from one area of a building to another within a structure

Internal exposures


_________ is caused by the products combustion

Primary damage


Results from fire ground activities or the operation of a fire protection system

Secondary damage


Newer churches come in a variety of styles. Both old and new churches have a common characteristic: a large open area to accommodate the congregation at the altar. This one factor means that the total catastrophic structural _________ is highly probable once a fire reaches the structure supporting the roof.

Collapse of the roof


Most fire fighter fatalities occur in __________ fires because most fires because most fires occur in these occupancies. In 2011 ____ of all structure fires occurred in residential occupancies.

Home (dwellings and apartments)

80 percent


Using the 12 ft. (3.7m) per story estimate, a five-story building would be 60 ft. (18.3 m) in height, requiring a collapse zone of approximately ______.

90 ft (1.5 x 60ft.)


Over ____ of all injuries occur on the fire ground, and over ____ of on-duty injuries are strains and sprains.




The _______ chief is the information manager. _______ should be the most frequently implemented section portion.

Planning section


A ______ is in charge of units working in a geographic area.



Actually begins before the incident with the development of sops, and preincedent planning

Size up